Location: Seamus O’Tooles Irish Pub, Knox Ozone
Consumers: Giorgio Parmani, Parmello Anthony, The Dalai Parma, Parmajan Singh
Distinguished Guests: Joel ‘Fuar’ Fenton, Parmye West
Overall Rating:

A final crack at bringing back Irish Mondays was on the cards and no better way to start the night than to have a second go at the illustrious Parma the pub has to offer. 4 of the members were there for this with 1 taking a back seat, the now unsurprising absence of Barrack O’Parma was noticable as he once again let down the team (Sorry Harls). The $13 price tag is always a nice way to begin, along with plenty of banter about the recent Runaways gig with the bands lead singer and ‘deal or no deal’ star Joel Fenton in out midst sitting in on our meal. As we sipped on the included-in-the-price pot of coke, the meals started to filter to our table at the back of the venue - which just avoided the stench of the toilets. The feasting began by the Parmada with the usual groans of our judging mouths being heard for all the locals surrounding. The salad was just your typical variety of leaves with the odd cucumber and tomato combination as well as the rare inclusion of capsicum. The sauce was delicious and the thickness of the breast was also highly rated. A negative was the lack of chips served, losing vital points on the scorecard. Ham and cheese on the chicken were quite prominent and deserved the high grades as well. Overall this Parma was rated 6 marks higher than our initial crack at this venue, which either shows they have read our first review and made certain changes, or we were just in luck this time around and have matured as critics. Something tells me it was the latter. A special mention goes out to the young waitress who brought a Spanish theme to the night and also fingerless gloves who always provides lol’s at the expense of our friends. For the viewers at home wondering how the rejuvenation of Irish Monday went, all I’ll say is we were all out of the venue sober by 9.30, im sure you can make your assumptions from there. We look forward to Irish 3.0 in the near future.